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White Wine

Sauvignon Blanc Poeta Italy

Bursting with citrus fruit and passionfruit aromas. Mouth-watering and refreshing.
175ml £4.95   250ml £6.70    bottle £19.00

Bush Telegraph Pinot Grigio Australia

Crisp and fresh flavours of pear and green apples
175ml £4.75   250ml £6.35   bottle £18.00

Maison Belenger Cotes de Gascogne France

This wine has beautiful minerality accompanied with delicate flavours and freshness
175ml £4.50   250ml £5.95   bottle £17.00

Sauvignon Blanc Tokamura New Zealand

Passion fruit aromas and ripe tropical fruit, citrus and gooseberry
Bottle £23.00

Chardonnay Little Yerring Station Australia

A creamy texture, flavours of citrus fruits followed by mineral freshness and a hint of vanilla
Bottle £25.00


Operetto Pinot Grigio Blush Italy

This a dry and refreshing style of wine with mandarin, lemon and summer berry notes
175ml £4.75   250ml £6.35   bottle £18.00

Bulletin Zinfandel California

Juicy and light with plenty of raspberry and watermelon
175ml £4.95   250ml £6.70   bottle £19.00


Merlot Poeta Italy

This medium-bodied red has aromas and flavours of ripe cherries, plums, and blackberries
175ml £4.95   250ml £6.70    bottle £19.00

Shiraz Circa Australia

Friendly and approachable with rich plum and red berry fruit
175ml £4.75   250ml £6.35   bottle £18.00

Maison Belenger Cotes de Gascogne France

Bouquet of red fruits and sweet spices. The palate is round with a soft, fruity finish
175ml £4.50   250ml £5.95   bottle £17.00

Malbec Oscuro Argentina

Flavours of plum and blackberry, with a hint of chocolate and vanilla from the oak ageing
Bottle £23.00

Pinotage Stellenrust South Africa

Raspberry and black cherry flavours with trade mark smoky notes
Bottle £25.00


Belstar Prosecco Italy

A fresh, light and elegant style of Prosecco. Not too high in alcohol, it is soft with floral aromas and flavours of citrus fruits, pears and a touch of sweet melon
Bottle £20.00

Graham Beck Blancs de Blanc South Africa

This wine has rich,creamy aromas with hints of fresh lime. A fine mousse with an explosion of tangerine
flavours accompanied of freshly baked brioche
Bottle £28.00